War Story: moving from Java to Kotlin

June 14, 2021 9:00 - 11:00 CEST

In this talk, Urs Peter will reveal his journey with his current client to move from Java to Kotlin. Based on his real-world findings, code statistics, and many code samples, he will shed light on questions like ‘What were the benefits and drawbacks?’, ‘How did we approach it?’ …and most of all: ‘Was it worth it and why?’ Finally, he will share his findings and best practices he learned along the way, providing you with the information and tools to evaluate whether Kotlin is worth a try.

Hosted by

Urs Peter Senior Software Engineer & JetBrains certified Kotlin Trainer Xebia


Target Audience

  • You are a CTO/technical manager who wants to get detailed insights about the benefits and drawbacks as well investment involved to embark on Kotlin
  • You are a Java developer/architect who wants to know what Kotlin has to offer compared to Java

Key take-aways

  • Get a detailed insight into what it takes to move from Java to Kotlin, the investment as well as the benefits/drawbacks
  • Get to know Kotlin from a Java perspective with many code-snippets and live-coding samples in Spring Boot
  • Make up the balance yourself why Kotlin can significantly increase developer productivity, code quality as well as runtime performance with fewer lines of code
  • Get a feel of how Kotlin seamless integrates with existing framework like Spring Boot
  • About the host:

    Urs is a seasoned software engineer and trainer with over 15 years of experience in building resilient, scalable, and mission-critical systems, mostly involving Kotlin and Scala. Besides his job as a consultant, he is also a passionate trainer and author of a great variety of training ranging from language courses for Kotlin and Scala, frameworks such as Akka and Akka Stream to architectural training such as Event-Driven Architectures on AWS. As a people person by nature, he loves to share knowledge and inspire and get inspired by peers on meetups and conferences. Urs is the first JetBrains certified Kotlin trainer in the Netherlands.

  • Find out what it takes to introduce Kotlin into your organization