Take Five: A countdown of what’s essential in software development

June 18, 2021 15:00 - 16:30 CEST

Count down with Kevlin Henney for what's essential for you as a software engineer. At the end of the talk, there will be room for a Q&A. So prepare your questions wisely!

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Kevlin Henney Thought Provoker Curbralan


We are always on a quest for techniques or concepts for thinking about and organizing software and its development, and there’s no shortage of recommendations. But if we limit ourselves to five ideas, with a further constraint the fifth idea is made up of five parts, the fourth idea is made up of four parts, the… you get the idea. What we will find is that we have a simple set of recommendations that cut through a lot of the noise we are deafened by in software development. We can answer questions of design quality, delivery, improvement, of knowledge by using these five ideas as a tool for questions and answers.