War Stories Chat: Everything around the programming

June 18, 2021 11:00 - 12:30 CEST

Join a live discussion between seasoned experts on how tech leads can create the development ecosystem they crave.

Hosted by

Serge Beaumont Principal Agile Consultant Xebia
Marc Grol Senior Software Consultant Deutsche Bahn (Xebia)
Merlijn Boogerd Senior Software Consultant Deutsche Bahn (Xebia)


About the Hosts

Serge Beaumont
Principal Consultant, Trainer, Mentor, and all-round geek. Worked in software development since 1995 (Smalltalk, Delphi, Java, Python…), and Agile consultancy since 2007. He is riding the front of the Agile wave, specifically working with Scrum.

Marc Grol
Allround IT professional who gets things done. Keywords: Agile, simplicity, focus, and cost-benefit.