Build and publish your D3.js charts with Vue.js

June 16, 2021 19:00 - 20:30 CEST

Vue allows you to build UI components in record time with as little overhead as possible. We’ll show how to build a charting component from scratch using the famous d3 library. Then we’ll package it as a web component and make it available on the web. No worries, it won’t take long! This session is meant for frontend developers who want to learn more about Vue and its endless possibilities. We’ll discuss the command line, the ecosystem and the integrations.

Hosted by

Albert Brand Lead Software Engineer Xebia
Frank van Wijk Lead Software Engineer Xebia



Key takeaways

  • Setting up a Vue project
  • Installing third-party dependencies
  • Vue component syntax
  • Some Vue packaging tricks
  • Web component support