A 100% Software Engineering Conference

June 14 / 18, 2021
Daily Streams and Workshops
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End2End Live, a full week of Software Engineering madness!

Daily Schedule (Mon 14/6 – Fri 18/6)

  • 14/6 Modern Monday
  • 15/6 Cloud-Tech Tuesday
  • 16/6 Web Wednesday
  • 17/6 Testing Thursday
  • 18/6 Friyay

More than simply a webinar, End2End Live brings all the pieces of software engineering together in a five-day frenzy of studio-quality video streams.

Engage with specialists and experienced practitioners from leading tech companies like Alibaba Cloud, Cypress.io, BUX, and many more. Learn from the experiences of Software Engineers who work for Bol.com, Mendix, Deutsche Bahn, and Nationale Nederlanden.

End2End Live is proudly powered by Xebia, Binx.io, and Qxperts.

Get ready for End2End Live!

June 14 / 18, 2021
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Join interactive events with fellow developers

End2End Live features virtual meetups, hands-on workshops, keynotes, live coding, and Q&A’s. 

Each session is hosted by seasoned experts from leading tech companies. Expect a lot of interaction during the events and get in touch with the hosts and fellow developers.

Covering the full spectrum of software engineering

This event covers it all. Expect dedicated days on the big 4, backend, frontend, cloud, and test automation.

Each day will cover one of these topics and consists of a combination of engaging formats for you to participate in the event.

Develop your hands-on skills during workshops

Some of the sessions of End2End Live are workshops where you can go hands-on with technologies like React and Google Cloud.

Learn new technologies during the training tasters. An expert guides you through and you learn by doing thanks to our Instruqt live-coding application.

Event Schedule

  • Jun 14 / Backend
    Modern Monday
  • Jun 15 / Cloud
    Cloud-Tech Tuesday
  • Jun 16 / Frontend
    Web Wednesday
  • Jun 17 / Software Quality
    Testing Thursday
  • Jun 18 / Keynotes
    Guru Friday
9:00 - 11:00 CEST

War Story: moving from Java to Kotlin

Urs Peter
In this talk, Urs Peter will reveal his journey with his current client to move from Java to Kotlin. Based on his real-world findings, code statistics, and many code samples, he will shed light on questions like ‘What were the benefits and drawbacks?’, ‘How did we approach it?’ …and most of all: ‘Was it worth it and why?’ Finally, he will share his findings and best practices he learned along the way, providing you with the information and tools to evaluate whether Kotlin is worth a try.
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12:00 - 14:00 CEST

Cooking your Ravioli “al dente” with Hexagonal Architecture

Jeroen Rosenberg
Hexagonal architecture (a.k.a. ports and adapters) is a fancy name for designing your application in a way that the core domain is separated from the outside world by input and output ports. With a little bit of imagination one can visualise this as a hexagon made up of domain objects, use cases that operate on them, and input and output ports that provide an interface to the outside world.
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19:00 - 21:00 CEST

Finally: Reactive Programming without the headache made possible with SpringBoot & Kotlin

Urs Peter
Reactive programming is around for quite some time now. Its benefits are tremendous, offering way better resource usage than traditional blocking Threading, Parallelism, and Streaming. Nevertheless, the learning curve for reactive libraries - like RxJava, Reactor, Vert.X, Akka - is still considerably steep and requires mastery of several layers of complex abstractions. Should you think: “why is that so hard? Can the same goal not be achieved simpler?” then this talk can be a revelation for you!
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9:00 - 11:00 CEST

Autonomy, is that what we really want?

Kenny Baas-Schwegler, Evelyn van Kelle
There has been a focus on autonomy in information technology; From autonomy in code, autonomy while coding, autonomous systems with microservices to autonomous high-performing teams. When you read Daniel Pink's research in the book Drive, it makes sense; autonomy is one of the three things that motivate us; it is the ability of the person to make his or her own decisions. However, often autonomy can lead to isolation and disconnect from the rest of the code, team, or organization. So how can we balance the individual needs while staying connected to the team/organization to stay autonomous?
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11:00 - 12:30 CEST

War Stories Chat: Everything around the programming

Serge Beaumont, Marc Grol, Merlijn Boogerd
Join a live discussion between seasoned experts on how tech leads can create the development ecosystem they crave.
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13:00 - 14:30 CEST

Live: Beyond Coding Podcast with Patrick Akil and Zowie Langdon

Patrick Akil
Join a live podcast where the podcast host Patrick Akil deep dives into the life of successful people in IT. The guest for this live episode is Zowie Langdon, Head of Technology at BUX Crypto and Lead DevOps at BUX. After their conversation, there will be a Q&A with both of them.
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15:00 - 16:30 CEST

Take Five: A countdown of what’s essential in software development

Kevlin Henney
Count down with Kevlin Henney for what's essential for you as a software engineer. At the end of the talk, there will be room for a Q&A. So prepare your questions wisely!
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Meet our speakers

Kevlin Henney Thought Provoker Curbralan
Urs Peter Senior Software Engineer & JetBrains certified Kotlin Trainer Xebia
Zowie Langdon Head of Technology BUX Crypto
Kenny Baas-Schwegler Socio-technical and Domain-Driven Design architect GoodHabitz / Xebia
Serge Beaumont Principal Agile Consultant Xebia
Jeroen Rosenberg Pragmatic Software Engineer Xebia
Oliver Arafat Head of Cloud Solution Architects Alibaba Cloud
Léon Rodenburg Software Engineer & Alibaba Cloud MVP Xebia
Jochum Börger Software Quality Consultant Qxperts
Marc Grol Senior Software Consultant Deutsche Bahn (Xebia)
Mike Cataldo Software Engineer, DX Cypress.io
Patrick Akil Software Consultant & Podcast Host Beyond Coding Podcast
Mike Woudenberg Software Development Consultant Xebia
Tjin Au Yeung Lead Frontend Developer Xebia
Merlijn Boogerd Senior Software Consultant Deutsche Bahn (Xebia)
Bert Rijsdijk Software Delivery Consultant Qxperts
Bart den Hollander Senior Software Consultant Xebia
Evelyn van Kelle Strategic Software Delivery Consultant Qxperts
Jacco Kulman Cloud Engineer Binx.io
Luca Cavallin Cloud Engineer Binx.io
Albert Brand Lead Software Engineer Xebia
Frank van Wijk Lead Software Engineer Xebia

Frequently Asked Questions

For who is End2End Live?
End2End Live is for anyone with an interest in software engineering. There are specific days for backend, cloud, frontend, and test automation. Pick the days and events that suit you most. Or join them all!
When does End2End Live take place?
The event starts on Monday, June 14, at 9:00 CEST and ends on Friday, June 18, at 16:30 CET. There will be events hosted throughout the day with pauses in between sessions. This way you can more easily fit it into your working schedule.
Is the registration free of of charge?
Yes, thanks to our sponsors, we can offer access to the exclusive End2End Live events free of charge. All you need to do is register.
Is it ok to attend more than one session?
Yes absolutely, you are more than welcome to join the event the entire week.
How do I get access to the video streams?
When you register, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail the link to join the specific event. If you register for multiple events, you will receive emails for each event separately. You will receive these emails half an hour prior to the starting time and they contain all the details of the event.
How can I respond to the contents and ask questions?
We love interacting with the audience. The broadcast will take place in Zoom. You can use the chat function or you can ask the co-host to unmute you.

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